Why Should I Take This Program?

Feel excited about healthy food again. 6 weeks of nutritionist-back information, my best plant-forward recipes and a private VIP facebook group, featuring weekly information sessions and support.

  • feel confident in the kitchen again, learn how to cook healthy meals intuitively and effortlessly, eat healthy food you actually enjoy

  • learn how to really listen to your body, how to choose foods for healthy digestion, mental clarity and glowing skin

  • get nutritionist-backed facts on all things in the health world of food: are carbs good for you? what are superfoods and should I be eating them? what are the healthiest sugar substitutes?


  • When does The Pure Program start and finish?

    The course starts and ends when you choose! It is a self-paced online course - you get to decide when you start and finish.

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    Forever! Once purchased, you get full lifetime access to The Pure Program and our VIP Facebook group.

  • Does The Pure Program follow a specific diet?

    The Pure Program focuses on delicious plant-forward whole food recipes. The program is designed to teach you skills to learn which foods are right for you, therefore it does not follow a specific diet. All recipes have vegan and gluten-free options and are low in sugar.

designed just for you

a collection of my best tips, recipes and recommendations

  • 24/7 access

    anytime, anywhere. Get 24/7 online access to The Pure Program. Whether you choose to complete the program in the full 6 weeks or go at your own pace, this program is designed to suit your busy lifestyle.

  • keeping you accountable

    worksheets, to-do lists and a private Facebook group with weekly information sessions to help keep you supported and motivated.

  • real recipes

    easy, realistic and delicious recipes + how-to videos. This program is designed for the everyday busy gal who wants to feel confident in the kitchen again. Nothing fancy, just real, whole foods to make you feel amazing.

six weeks to wellness

  • 01
    Week One: The Basics
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    • Welcome to The Pure Program!
    • The Mindset
    • Stock The Pantry
    • Stock The Fridge
    • Healthy Sugar Substitutes
    • 3 Life-Changing Kitchen Hacks
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 02
    Week Two: Intuitive Cooking
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    • Intuitive Cooking
    • Intuitive Eating
    • How to Prep Leafy Greens
    • How to Eat Leafy Greens
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 03
    Week Three: Breakfast Babe
    Show details
    • Beauty Breakfast Recipes for Hormone Balancing
    • My Signature Boosted Morning Latte Recipe
    • The Pure Green Smoothie Recipe
    • How to Make Beauty Bircher Jars
    • Garden Veggie Scramble Recipe
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 04
    Week Four: Effortless Meals
    Show details
    • Batch Cooking Basics
    • Easy One Pot Meals for the Busy Gal
    • Lemon Zucchini Asparagus Pasta Recipe
    • How to Add Superfood Cauliflower To Your Diet
    • How to Prep Cabbage
    • How to Batch Cook Roasted Veggies
    • The Pure Buddha Bowl
    • Printable TPP Meal Planner Sheet
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 05
    Week Five: Digestion & Snacking
    Show details
    • Digestion 101 PDF
    • Healthy Snacking Tips + Recipes
    • Soaking Grains for Healthy Digestion
    • The BEST Bloating Tips
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 06
    Week Six: Superfoods & Supplements
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    • Superfoods + Supplements - What's The Deal?
    • How to Make Nut Milk
    • Adaptogens 101
    • Weekly Checklist
  • 07
    Takeaway Resources & Tips
    Show details
    • Printable TPP Sample Meal Plan
    • DIY Mindfulness Corner

The Pure Program